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Venezuela clients visit to our company

On January 26,2016, venezuela clients accompanied by the general manager Alex to visit our company,the meeting mainly for Torque anchor and drill pipe business in Venezuela for PDVSA .
General manager Alex on behalf of the staff warmly welcome customer visit to the company , and arranged the good reception works.In the meeting ,General manager Alex introduces details of the company's development process, the cultural atmosphere, the existing scale and qualifications of our company to the PDVSA .Also shows the company's products and the trade dates which cooperate with other international well-known companies,like PDVSA, YPF and ECOPETROL.Yet clients show interest our screw pump torque anchor .
Subsequently, clients with us visit Yangshan port and show our company’s export process of goods from the land to the ship to customers , it was one of the biggest port in world

Information of API 11B Torque anchor

1 Application
Torque anchor is a kind of anchor tool which specially designed for screw pump,simple structure,easy to use.
2 Structure
It is mainly consists of upper sub,anchor, centralizer,reed and mandrel etc.When the screw pump rotates,torque anchor can effectively avoid the tubing-rotate.It has the characteristics of simple structure,simple installation,working flexible,safe anchoring,widely used in anchoring of screw pump and anchor of tubing of tubular pump.
3 Working principle
When the screw pump rotates,the rotor rotates thus drive the stator,upper sub and mandrel to rotate,anchor opens,anchors on the casing,anchoring completed.When the screw pump stops,stator releases energy under spring action,anchor closes under the contractility of reed,releasing completed.

C&N Torque anchor RFQ Catalogue

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