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Fange-pipe-fitting-surface finish
Flange surface finish include below type.

carbon steel flange and alloy steel flange always need proper surface coating to protect flange from rust,normally it include flange black painting,this common used,and flange surface galvanized,hot dip galvanized,also some times to make flange nice,it was with gold painting,while for the stainless and nickel alloy flanges, it was with natural finish and CNC finish, the below pictures might helpful when your purchase flange,fittings,steel pipe. for more technical data,please click our technical support page http://www.cnpipefitting.com/quality/Flange%20procedure.htm

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Flange anti-rust oil painting
Flange gold painting
Flange with anti-rust oil
Flange hot dip galvanized
Flange galvanized
Flange CNC finish