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Anchor Flanges,Anchor Flange drawing,Anchor Flange pictures


Anchor Flange
Anchor Flanges are used to anchor pipe - often when crossing streams or ravines. They are a double hub piece of steel that is put into a special holder that is part of a piling to supports the pipeline and resist loading. The anchor structure is welded to the pipe and usually embedded in concrete.

Anchor flanges actually contain axial thermal expansion – that is axial thrust in pipelines. The assumed design temperature change is 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The thrust is transferred to the anchor foundation –in which the anchor is mounted. These flanges are used at crossings and points with changes in pipeline direction.

The flanges are supplied with end weld bevels to match the pipeline wall thickness. The most common materials for anchor flanges are SA 105 and high-yield stress such as SA 694, F52, F60, F65 and F70. Size range can cover up to 42”. Each anchor flange needs a specific design and calculation in according to ASME VIII Div.1 and to process datasheet supplied by the customer.


Ordering information:

- Anchor Flange nominal pipeline size

- Anchor Flange Pipeline wall thickness

- Anchor Flange Material grade

- Anchor Flange Design code

- Anchor Flange Design pressure

- Anchor Flange Design temperature

- Anchor Flange Corrosion allowance

- Anchor Flange Installation temperature

- Anchor Flange Allowable concrete bearing stress

- Anchor Flange Maximum axial load

- Anchor Flange drawing

Anchor Flange  Pipeline wall thickness
Anchor Flange drawing
Anchor Flange  Material grade
Anchor Flange nominal pipeline size


- Anchor Flange data sheet.






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