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China changed export tariff rebate for steel products

China changed export tariff rebate, most of steel products raised from 4% to 9%, the new metal,pipe,flange,fitting tariff rebate will be due to such revision .
Basically we can share corresponding rate for previous quotation which involve in the revision list in Sep 2018. welcome contact us for update offer.

Effective Sept. 15, tax rebate rates for light-emitting diodes (LEDs), lithium batteries, multi-component semiconductors,
machinery products, books and newspapers will be increased to 16 percent

China changed export tariff rebate for steel products


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News: http://www.cnpipefitting.com/about%20us/news/2018/China-increase-metal-pipe-fitting-fastener-tariff-rate.html
website: http://www.cnpipefitting.com/about%20us/News%20released.htm



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