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South America customer visit us for chrome moly material

Attentees: CRISTIAN, FACUNDO, Alex,David,Fiona

Meeting time: 2018-08-16 From 9:00 to 3:00PM

1,Reviewed C&N and customer business.

Alex: - C&N have been in pipeline over 30 years,especial for south America market, in 2018, business is better than before, mainly engage in big size but weld fitting, chrome moly material (A213,A335).C&N attend tube china and Tube.de trade fair every two year, have plan to visit OTC.
- C&N always show interest with customer for explore south America market,
- Now the market competition is fiercely, but C&N with over 20 years export experience, knows better on solution provided, risk control, after sale, quality control etc. we convince the business will be much better.
- now C&N have four office in China, Shanghai(6), Heibei(3) Chongqing(4).Shangxi(1)
-Have some stock P22/F22 material to meet customer agent.
customer :
-Business in many fields and with group company have also many years business at CHina.
-Have some unhappy business experience in Hebei ,because supplier delivered weld pipe while customer ordered are seamless, alex remark it is issue of loyalty .but not quality.
- Talk the schedule and quality required for current project.
- Check C&N catalogue,Introduce the visiting schedule in our factory.
2, Before visiting confirm C&N strength material.

Alex,1) Introduce Main scope on ALLOY STEEL:
A-335 P1 A-161 T1 A-234 WP1 A-182 F1 A-204 GR. B 1/2% Moly A-209 T1
1-1/4% Chrome A-335 P11 A-199 T11 A-234 WP11 A-182 F11 A-387 GR. 11
2-1/4% Chrome A-335 P22 A-199 T22 A-234 WP22 A-182 F22 A-387 GR. 22 (2-1/4% Cr.) A-213 T22
4-6% Chrome A-335 P5 A-199 T5 A-234 WP5 A-182 F5 A-387 GR. 5 (5% Cr.) A-213 T5
8-10% Chrome A-335/font> P9 A-199 T9 A-234 WP9 A-182 F9 A-387 GR. 9 (9% Cr.) A-213 T9

Dimension: Up to 60 inch according to ASME B16.5, ASME B16.47. Pressure up to CL3000
Pipes & Tubes
Alloy Steel Pipes Alloy Steel Tubes Carbon Steel Pipes Carbon Steel Tubes Copper & Brass Tube Copper Nickel pipe
Copper Nickel Tube Duplex Steel Pipes Duplex Steel Tubes Stainless Steel Pipes Stainless Steel Tubes
Dimension: Stainless OD 3MM to 24inch in seamless, Carbon steel 1/8in to 30 inch in seamless。
2) Guide customer visit elbow,tee pressing work shop, pipe expanding,CNC machining,
Work shop, delivery work shop.
3) Visit C&N stock warehouse for chrome moly material and other alloy steel material.
4) Check the items which have same sizes with customer pending order.
5) Visit C&N quality test laboratory for mechanical, chemical test.
6) Have a meeting with current order production schedule, and quality control, mainly




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