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Stock list on sale

We have below list of products on sale, all of them test qualified, welcome to contact us asking for details,

1/ 6IN 300LBS A182 F316 SO RF FLANGES in stock on sale, please refer below list:

Total quantity: 90pcs
Unit weight: 16.67kgs/pc
Total weight: 1500kgs
EX-Work Unit price: 115usd/pc
EX-Work total price: 10,000USD (deduction 350USD as more discount)
Delivery time: 3 days Ex-Work

2/ 6IN SCH40 A403 WP316 90deg long radius seamless elbows

Total quantity: 30pcs
Unit weight: 3kgs/pc
Total weight: 300kgs
EX-Work Unit price: 50usd/pc
EX-Work total price: 1,500USD
Delivery time: 2 days Ex-Work

3/ ELBOW 90deg SR 42" SCH-STD
ASTM A-420 WPL6 X-RAY 100% 1EA Unit price: USD350USD

4/ TEE REDUCING 36""x36"x20"" SCH STD
Material:A-420-WPL6 ASTM A-420 WPL6 X-RAY 100% 2EA Unit price: 400USD

5/ TEE REDUCING 52""x52"x42"" SCH-STD
Material:A-420-WPL6 X-RAY 100% 1EA Unit price: 900USD

6/ ASTM B241 ALUMINIUM PIPE 5083 H112 8" OD x 0.375 THK 16 FT Length (TOLERANCE: +.25" /-0.00) seamless pipe

Total quantity: 26pcs
Unit weight: 82kg/pcs
Total weight: 2132kgs
EX-Work Unit price: 423usd/pcs
EX-Work total price: 11,000USD
Delivery time:2 days EX-Work
Material from south west aluminum manufacturer ,


F316 flange
F316 flange
F316 elbow
F316 elbow


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