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C&N Group Announces Near-Completion of Russian Customer Order

C&N Group is delighted to inform that the production of pipe fittings ordered by a Russian client is approaching its final stages. The order comprises ASME B16.9 180DEG SR A234 WP5 elbows, ASME B16.9 180DEG LR A234 WP5 elbows, and ASME B16.9 90DEG SR A234 WP5 elbows, all sized at 4″ with a thickness of 7.5MM. The total batch consists of approximately 400 pieces, weighing nearly 1 ton. Due to the customer’s high standards for quality and performance, all elbow surfaces will be painted black, ensuring not only a polished appearance but also added corrosion protection. Both parties have concurred on a 30-day delivery timeline. As an industry leader in piping systems, C&N Group is well-equipped to meet this deadline. Additionally, our expert painting team is adept at fulfilling the customer’s coating specifications.

Committed to delivering top-quality products, C&N Group ensures that each fitting undergoes rigorous quality control and inspection to comply with ASME B16.9 standards and the client’s requirements. Our production team employs cutting-edge processes and technologies to guarantee the precision and reliability of our products. We take pride in our experience and expertise, ensuring that high-quality pipe fittings are delivered punctually, meeting the exacting standards of our customers.

If you have an interest in our piping products or any inquiries,  please feel free to contact us. Our team is ready to offer assistance and support.



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