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S235 32” Carbon Steel Pipes Loaded into 45HQ Container

In a recent showcase of their commitment to transparency and excellence in logistics, C&N shared images of the loading process for large outer diameter pipes being meticulously packed into a 45HQ container, giving clients a closer look at the care and precision involved in handling their goods. This recent shipment featured OD 32″ 813MM S235 carbon steel pipes, each spanning a length of 12.5 meters, successfully and securely loaded into a 45HQ container.

This strategic move not only emphasized C&Ns dedication to delivering exceptional service but also reinforced the company’s expertise in managing and executing complex logistics operations. By allowing clients a glimpse of the shipping and packaging process, C&N fosters a deeper trust and confidence among its partners and clientele in its operational capabilities.

Renowned for its role in catering to the stainless steel market, C&N continues to set industry benchmarks for transparency, reliability, and excellence. This event is a testament to C&N’s innovative approach to customer service and its unwavering commitment to ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of products.



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